How Adventure Earth Boosted Online Presence With Booking Software

23 Jun 2015     |    Taz Bareham

Adventure Earth is a tour and activity company that offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy memorable mountain bike excursions along the world class trails of Eagle Mountain.

Jake Weber is the owner of the company, and he enjoys providing the tours, managing his resources and promoting his business.

However, he felt that he was struggling to raise awareness, and he needed to get the word out about his business.

Here’s the steps he took in order to increase his online presence and boost his bookings:

1. Address issues with the booking process

Like any business owner, Jake’s top priority was making sure that his customers were getting the best possible care, and he wanted to make it easy and convenient for them to book his tours.

However, there was no way for his customers to book online. It proved to be a hassle on both ends.

“If we didn’t accept bookings online, we wouldn’t be able to keep up with the times. We’d eventually lose customers and go out of business.”

2. Conduct research on online booking systems

Knowing that he needed to automate his booking process and provide his customers with reliable online booking system, Jake began to research his options online.

3. Choose a system to test out

After a quick search, he soon discovered that Rezdy was one of the highest-rated online booking systems available.

He was impressed with the positive reviews that the system received, and he looked into the system further.

3. Implement the system

After he realized that Rezdy was the right partnership for his business, he quickly implemented the program and trained his staff.

He loves the features that Rezdy offers his business and his customers. The automated booking process saves him time and prevents him from overbooking his tours.

His customers love that it’s easy to use, and that they receive automatic confirmation e-mails as well as reminder e-mails about their upcoming tours.

“Rezdy manages our availability and gives me a calendar that’s easy to use. I also like how the system sends me e-mail notifications when payments are made.”

4. Measure the results

Once the system was implemented, he noticed that his business grew quickly. He largely attributes this to the fact that Rezdy helped him improve his online presence.

“Within the first week of going live with Rezdy, we doubled our website’s viewership. It’s a great thing to see.”

Jake has had no doubts about using Rezdy as his online booking system. It’s been the best decision for Adventure Earth, and he would definitely recommend the system to other tour and activity providers who were hoping to increase their online presence as well as automate the booking process.

“I would highly recommend Rezdy because it works very well and the pricing is realistic.”

The key to surviving as a tour and activity company in the 21st century is online presence. Online distribution ensures that a global audience has access to your business.

In order to boost your business in the same way as Adventure Earth, get started with Rezdy. You can begin your free trial today.