Have You Ever Had a Travel Blogger on Your Tour?

27 Mar 2016     |    Taz Bareham

Travel blogger sounds like a dream job title, and in many ways it is. These are people who travel the world, and blog about it. It’s that simple — well, sort of. A good travel blogger is able to captivate a specific audience and encourage them to follow along their journeys. They highlight not only popular tourist destinations, but also local haunts, hidden treasures and exciting tours and activities. And yes, it’s a paying job, but many travel bloggers have to get creative in order to generate new and additional income to continue funding their adventures around the world.

This is where you, as a tour and activity provider, come in. Have you ever had a travel blogger on your tour? Maybe it’s time to invite one along for the ride!

Benefits of Partnering with a Travel Blogger

  • When you invite a travel blogger to experience one of your tours and activities, you can offer them a free or discounted experience in exchange for a feature on their blog. This is an inexpensive way to advertise your company to a new group of people that you might not otherwise have access to. The travel blogger often becomes a trusted source of information for their followers, and many of them will book the same hotels, tours and activities that they choose in a given destination. By being featured on the blog, these followers will know that your company is worth checking out!
  • You can offer the blogger additional incentives. Provide the blogger with information about your Rezdy online booking system, and note that they can sign up for an agent account and connect with you. After they have done this, they can embed your product (including a “Book Now” button) on their blog post, and encourage people to sign up for their own tours. You get an increase in bookings from a new distribution channel, and the travel blogger earns commission from the sales. This is a great way for a blogger to earn additional income while they pursue their career. Everybody wins, and Rezdy takes care of the bookings, manages the resources and automatically pays out the commissions.

In many ways, travel bloggers are the journalists of the 21st century. This is a great way to connect with a unique audience and develop a new distribution channel for your business. Rezdy comes with live availability and easy commission payment processing, and enables you to connect to everyone you desire.

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