Get Started With Your New Agent: A Tour Operator’s Checklist

18 Aug 2014     |    Taz Bareham

So, you’ve partnered with a brand new agent. Congratulations!

While your work may be far from done, at least you’re headed in the right direction.

Here are the 5 items to tick off your list to get you up and running and make sure the partnership can fulfil its potential for both you and your new agent:

1. Make the new agent an extension of your sales team

Both of you have the same goal: to get you more bookings. But unless your new agent is already an expert on your tour products, they won’t have the knowledge to sell them well.

You need to train them just like you train your sales team.

  • Tell them who your competitors are.
  • Outline the type of customers you deal with & how to identify them (their wants, needs, and challenges with your products).
  • Train them on which packages suit which types of customers (eg. one for the safety-conscious traveler, one for the adventure-seeking traveler).

And don’t forget to agree on a commission rate – this will keep them motivated!

commission reconciliation new agent

2. Organize your marketing efforts

Look at the results of your previous marketing campaigns, and figure out which promotions worked and which didn’t.

Repeat the successful ones through your agents, setting a measurable goal to track against.

Remember to use Rezdy to track your conversion rate.

3. Outline your processes

Your relationship is a partnership – you’re working together towards the same goal. Treat it like one instead of just an ‘experiment’ that runs on its own.

In order for it to be a successful partnership, you must establish how you want to manage bookings. Are there any deadlines involved? Any black-out dates? This is the time to let them know.

4. Provide the tools to succeed

Invite your agents to Rezdy so they have an easy way of booking your customers in according to your live availability. They will also be able to see in black and white the amount of commission they are owed.

Learn how to invite an agent and share your products with an agent.

5. Set expectations

From time to time, situations will arise where one of you have to take responsibility. For example, what happens if a customer has negative feedback, or wants a refund?

If your agent reacts badly, it reflects badly on you.¬†You should have a process for this with your agents already, so there’s no confusion as to what to do.

A solid process will also make a negative customer feel more at ease because you’re well-prepared.

What’s Next?

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