2 MIN READ Get Ahead Of The Game – Top 4 Online Tools Your Business Needs in 2020

29 Aug 2019     |    Blake Ng

The future for the tour and activity company is digital, and there’s always a new set of online tools available that can help streamline the processes at your tour and activity company. If you want to increase your efficiency as well as your revenue in 2020, then these are the top four tour booking software and online tools that your business needs:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Tool

Implementing a tour booking system is one way to drive bookings and generate revenue, but to optimize your business, you will need to understand who is most interested in your products. The most essential online tool for collecting and evaluating data is Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows you to track your website activity and evaluate specific metrics to help you better understand your business. You can use this data to create more refined online marketing campaigns that will ultimately generate better results. Google Analytics is a must-have for any tour and activity company, regardless of its size or location.


Tour & Activity Booking Software by Rezdy

There are many online booking systems available on the market, but only a few that are specifically geared toward tour and activity operators. Rezdy is a tour booking software that understands the unique needs of tour and activity operators. It provides tools for this niche sector that other generic booking software programs may not provide. Not only is Rezdy an innovative activity booking software tool, but it also offers a channel manager that helps tour operators better manage their distribution network. Rezdy is the leading tour booking system, and it is the best choice for your tour company in 2020.


Xero Accounting tool

Xero is a cloud-based accounting system that is used by both large and small businesses across nearly every sector. It has proved particularly useful for tour and activity operators who often need to manage their financial records while on the go. For tour operators who implement the Rezdy tour booking system, Xero can easily be integrated with their online booking system. Every time a traveler books one of your tours, an invoice will automatically be generated through Xero. It’s easy to connect to Xero through the Rezdy platform.


Deputy Staff management tool

Like most tour and activity operators, you likely manage a team of staff members who keep your business moving forward. This means that you also understand the challenges that come from managing a team — like scheduling, dealing with an unexpected illness or vacation time, and keeping up with payroll. The answer to these challenges is Deputy, a mobile team management tool that allows you to create schedules and assign tasks to your employees. As an added bonus, Deputy connects to Xero and automatically imports employee timesheets so that payroll can be completed.

These are just a few of the online tools that are available for tour and activity operators. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which tools will work best for your business. To learn more about the Rezdy activity booking software and see if it’s the right fit for your tour company, begin your free demo today.

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