From the Experts: 10 Extra Essential Features for Online Booking System

14 Jan 2018     |    Blake Ng

As a tour and activity operator that is doing business in the 21st century, you know that an online booking system is an essential business tool. But do you know that not all online booking systems are created equal? You need to invest in an online booking system that works for your business, and that understands the unique aspects of the tour and activity industry that must be taken into consideration.

Here’s 10 extra essential features that you need in an online booking system:

#1 Resource Management Tools

As you boost your bookings, you need to be sure that you are managing your resources effectively. With the right online booking system, you can automatically schedule the number of vehicles and the amount of equipment that you need for each tour.

#2 Simple Website Plugins

Plugins are a great way to enhance your website and personalize your online space. You need an online booking system that allows you to easily implement these plugins and create a better online experience for your target audience.

#3 Multiple Payment Options

When you are marketing your products to travelers around the globe, you need to be able to accept a wide variety of payment options. In addition to credit cards, you should choose an online booking system that also integrates with PayPal.

#4 Mobile Booking Capability

Your booking system should allow you to accept mobile bookings from your website, as more and more travelers are relying on their mobile devices to plan their vacations.

#5 Gift Card Sales Capability

Experiential gifts are trending across all demographics, so you will want to invest in a booking system that allows you to sell gift cards to your customers.

#6 Opportunities to Upsell

Upselling is an easy way to increase your revenue per customer. Your booking system should allow you to add unique opportunities, such as a romance package or a camera rental option.

#7 Automatic Communications

You need to be able to send automatic yet personalized e-mails as well as text messages to your customers. This is critical to developing a relationship with your travelers.

#8 Visual Organizational Tools

Staying organized is critical to offering your travelers the experience they expect. Choose an online booking system with an interactive calendar and a daily manifest tool that can include specific customer requests and notes.

#9 Automatic Voucher Redemption

You can use daily deal sites like Groupon to boost your bookings and improve your brand recognition, but you will need an online booking system that offers automatic voucher redemption. This feature makes it easy for your travelers to redeem the voucher that they purchased for one of your experiences.

#10 Multiple Business Management Tools

If you have multiple locations for your tour and activity company, then you need an online booking system that allows you to evaluate the big picture while also focusing on individual locations.

Rezdy is the only online booking system designed specifically for tour and activity operators. All of its features are created to enhance business operations for those in this niche travel sector, and they work cohesively to help you boost your bookings. For more information, begin your free demo today.

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