5 considerations when expanding your tour or activity operation

7 Jan 2019     |    Ricki Hudson

Your tour and activity company is established in your community, and you’ve enjoyed significant growth in both bookings and online visibility. You feel like the time has come to open a second location, and you are ready to take on this new and exciting chapter as a tour and activity operator. Here’s our top 5 considerations when expanding your tour or activity operation into a new location:

#1. The placement of the new location

Expanding your business is an exciting time, but you need to approach it with caution. It’s imperative that you consider the placement of your second location carefully. For many tour and activity operators, a second location must be placed in another city or destination entirely, as the market is generally saturated in their current location. You should do significant market research into the placement of your next location prior to making any significant financial investments.

#2. Infrastructure

After you have decided on the location for your new office or building, you will want to think about the infrastructure. What type of storefront will you need? Will you need additional equipment or resources to operate your tours and activities? An infrastructure plan should be created and should be referred to as you make the move.

#3. Managing staff remotely

When you decide to open a second location, you will no longer be able to be present with your staff at all times. It can be difficult to balance the management responsibilities when there are two locations, so it’s important that you know how to manage your staff remotely. Your staff members should still feel like your accessible, even when you are not physically working in their location.

#4. Marketing and promotional material

This is a big deal, and a huge moment for your business! In order to get your second location up and running, you will need to market it to your target audience in that new location. You should invest in promotional materials, both traditional and online, to generate buzz about your business. Your social media channels will be a powerful resource as you start to get the word out about your new location.

#5. Technology

Technology is perhaps the most important component involved in opening a second location. You need to invest in technology, such as a booking software, that will allow you to manage each location separately while still looking at the larger picture for your business. You need mobile, responsive technology that will adapt to your needs and the needs of each of your business locations.

As you consider this exciting milestone for your business, be aware of the booking software options that are available to you. Only Rezdy can help you operate your tour and activity business on-the-go, and gives you the mobile capability that you need to simultaneously run two locations. Rezdy will provide you with a seamless transition from one location to the next, and will keep your business growing well into the future.

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Image credit: Austin Chan