Do Banners (Re-marketing) Work in the Tourism Industry?

23 Nov 2015     |    Blake Ng

Obviously, the first step in booking your tours and activities is to attract unique and interested visitors to your site who are actually going to be interested in your products. Most tour and activity providers do this through search engine optimization — or SEO.

While earning a high search engine ranking on Google is important, and it will help lead visitors to your site, it won’t always help you seal the deal.

Re-marketing is the latest, most innovative form of online marketing that allows you to remind your visitors about your products and increase your online bookings in a simple, effective way.

What Do You Need to Know About Banners?

Banners are advertisements that “follow” your customers around the Internet.

For example, you might have a customer reach your website through the search engine results page, and browse the different winery tours that you offer. They spend a little bit of time looking at two or three different tour options, and then they get distracted by one of their kids who is asking for help on their homework. They close the computer, and you lose the sale.

With banner ads, the next time the customer gets online, they will see your advertisements on other reputable pages, such as Facebook, CNN and YouTube, to name a few. By placing these ads strategically on other websites they are browsing, you are able to remind your customers that your products exist and they were thinking of booking a tour.

Re-marketing also gives you the opportunity to bring back customers who left your website in order to browse other tour and activity options.

In most cases, a traveler will look browse the selections at several different tour operators’ websites before making a final decision on the tour they are going to book. Re-marketing ensures that your options are constantly at the forefront of their mind, and will help you enjoy a higher conversion rate.

Furthermore, this form of advertising can be personalized in order to suit the needs of the individual customer. For instance, a customer might be looking at one particular tour when they browsed your website. When they move onto another website, the banner ad that will pop up will feature the specific tour that they were most interested in. Not only does it remind them about your brand, but it keeps your specific product in their view.

Tourism industry professionals will find banners one of the most powerful online marketing tools available.

Banner ads are the best way to remain relevant in the competitive world of online travel arrangements, and these ads are a simple way to increase conversion rates and fill your tours.

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In addition, tell us more about your personal experiences with re-marketing. Is this a technique that has worked for you in the past? Or are you thinking about starting a Re-marketing Campaign? Comment below and get the conversation started!

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