How digitizing your calendar and manifests will save you time

3 Apr 2019     |    Ricki Hudson

Are you currently staring at a pile of reservation paperwork and trying to compile the manifests for your tours this week? We know that this is a frustrating experience for tour and activity operators. You must spend endless hours creating the manifest from the reservations that have been made over the past several weeks and months, and inevitably, there’s always those last-minute bookings or cancellations that force you to start all over again. Now is the time to put that part of your life behind you and to invest in a booking software with manifest tools. Here’s how digitizing your calendar and manifests will save you time:

Your digital calendar will automatically update you and your distribution agents

If you are currently managing a manual calendar, you know how easy it is to become confused and overwhelmed. Not to mention, the risk of overbooking your tours and activities is incredibly high. With a booking software with manifest tools and a digital calendar, you can eliminate the stress of scheduling almost instantly. You can program your digital calendar to create separate sessions, implement seasonal pricing, and even block out dates that you will be unavailable or that are already booked full. Whenever someone makes a booking, you and your entire network of distribution agents will be instantly updated of the changes.

Your manifests will reflect the latest information available from the calendar

In addition to broadcasting your live availability and rates to your entire distribution system, your digital calendar also will automatically integrate with your manifests. Your manifests will instantly update when someone makes a booking or cancels an upcoming reservation. This allows you to stay organized, and to feel in control of your business at all times. Just imagine how freeing it will be to eliminate the hassle and frustration of manually inputting data over and over again to keep an up-to-date manifest.

You can spend more time on customer service

Once you have digitized your calendar and manifests, you will find that you have more free time on your hands. Initially, you may wonder what you will do with all of this extra time. But don’t worry, the solution will come to you quickly. Now, you will be able to focus on the larger picture. You can start planning for future growth and new opportunities. You can create customer reward programs that will incentivize your travelers and keep your favorite tourists coming back for more. You will once again be able to enjoy the life of a tour and activity operator.

We know that it can be intimidating the start fresh with a booking software with manifest tools. Even though the tried-and-true way is frustrating, it’s also reliable, and you know what you need to do to get the job done. But, for a second, imagine yourself with more free time as you run an efficient business that can easily continue to grow. It’s all possible when you implement an intuitive, innovative online booking software.

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