Creating a mobile strategy for tour operators

10 Mar 2019     |    Ricki Hudson

Experiential travel is trending, with travelers across all market segments preferring to do rather than see while they are abroad. This has catapulted the tour and activity sector to the forefront of the travel industry, making it even more critical for tour operators to have a mobile strategy in place. A mobile strategy for tour operators will allow those in the tour and activity industry to increase their visibility during mobile searches, boost their mobile bookings and allow their customers to engage with them on their preferred mobile devices.

These tips will help you create a mobile strategy for tour operators:

Create a responsive website to maintain your SERP ranking

Just a few years ago, mobile was the up-and-comer in the travel industry. People were dabbling in mobile technology just to see where it would lead. It didn’t take long, however, for mobile to become the major player in all sectors of the travel industry. Now, the most powerful search engines require brands to have a mobile website in order to maintain their ranking on the search engine results page. With a responsive website design in place, your site visitors will be able to see your page in a way that is convenient and useful on any device that they prefer. The website design will switch automatically based on the device of the individual user.

Verify that all social pages are complete and maintained

Mobile technology has allowed travelers to do research when it is convenient for them. They can read reviews on TripAdvisor during their commute to work or browse your tour website as they work out at the gym. This has led to an increase in travel research overall, allowing travelers to be more informed than ever before when making their final decisions. To keep up with this desire for additional information, you will want to make sure that all of your social profiles are complete with the most relevant information. You need to maintain them by posting frequently, responding to comments and addressing customer service issues as quickly as possible.

Implement technology that allows you to accept mobile bookings

Finally, you need to invest in an online booking solution that allows you to accept mobile bookings. Not only are travelers comfortable doing research on their smartphones and tablets, but they are ready to book on these devices as well. Without mobile booking capabilities, you will continue to lose bookings from the most motivated travelers on the market. A mobile booking system allow you to accept both advanced and last-minute bookings from your travelers.

With a dynamic mobile strategy in place, you will increase your tour bookings across all market segments. Even older travelers, who used to shun new technology and delay using it as long as possible, are finding that mobile devices improve the booking process and ultimately the travel experience. It’s necessary to frequently evaluate your mobile strategy to make sure that you are taking advantage of the latest trends and industry resources available.

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Image credit: Nadine Shaabana