How to create a friction-less online booking flow

11 Mar 2019     |    Ricki Hudson

If your goal is to increase tour bookings this year, you may want to start by evaluating your website. Your website needs to be designed in a thoughtful and strategic way. Each element of the website should be used to encourage travelers to book your products, and to book them now. The booking flow should be as seamless as possible, allowing travelers to get the information they need and instantly book your tours and activities. Here’s how to create a friction-less online booking flow:

Add a booking button to every landing page

Your tour and activity website likely has a dozen or more landing pages, all with additional information about your tour company and the products that you offer. These landing pages simply have to have a booking button on them. You never know which tidbit of information or nugget of data will convince a traveler to book one of your tours. With a booking button on every landing page, you can take advantage of the moment that the website visitor feels compelled to become a customer. Your online booking solution should include a visible booking button that can be added easily to any website landing page that you create.

Don’t bury the booking button

Adding the booking button to the page code is not enough. You need to be strategic about where you place the booking button on each landing page. It should be near the top of the page design so that it’s visible during those first few seconds that a website user is scrolling the page. It should be in a spot that feels natural to click — perhaps right under a brief tour description or next to a high-resolution image of people enjoying your tours. The booking button must remain in a highly visible location in order to be effective.

Enable booking capabilities on social platforms and SERPs

Your website shouldn’t be the only place where your prospective travelers can book your products. Many people are now using social media platforms to book directly with companies, and others don’t even want to leave the search engine results page. Ensure that you implement an online booking solution that allows you to accept direct bookings through Facebook, Instagram and even on Reserve with Google. Travelers are becoming increasingly accustomed to the convenience of advanced technology, preferring to use their smartphone assistants and devices to book their tours and activities for them. You have to keep up with this demand by investing in a booking solution that works naturally with the latest technology and trends.

Your travelers should not have to work to book your tours and activities. It should be made as simple as possible for them, so you don’t miss out on that pivotal moment in the online booking journey when they want to finalize their reservation. With the right technology in place, you can simplify the booking process while streamlining the booking journey at the same time.

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Image credit: Bruce Mars