Worldwide, the number of people who are diagnosed with food allergies continues to grow with each passing year. Those in the travel and tourism industry need to be prepared for these travelers, and it’s important that you accommodate them when they book a tour with you. If you offer snacks, drinks or meals on your tours, then you should be aware of these 10 common allergies and intolerances that your travelers may have:


Dairy Intolerance

Perhaps the most common food allergy around the globe is a dairy allergy. Those who suffer from a dairy allergy cannot consume products made from cow’s milk. This goes beyond the milk itself and includes additional products like cheese, ice cream, butter and yogurt.


Allergic to Peanuts

The peanut allergy is very common. In fact, many travel and tourism businesses have eliminated peanut products from their business altogether to avoid the risk of contamination. A person who has a peanut allergy may suffer serious symptoms by consuming a peanut product or even by coming into contact with a peanut product.

Gluten intolerance

Gluten Allergies

Gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity are becoming increasingly common. Gluten can be found in many common products, such as bread, chips and processed snacks. Those who suffer from a gluten intolerance often experience digestive discomfort if they consume products made with gluten.

Tree nuts

Tree nuts allergies

There are many travelers around the globe who suffer from a tree nut allergy. Tree nuts include a variety of nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, cashews and pistachios, to name a few. Again, noting these allergies, many businesses have opted to go nut-free.


Egg allergies

While technically considered a dairy product, eggs are a separate allergy from a typical dairy allergy. Egg allergies are particularly common in children, but most children ultimately outgrow the allergy.


Soy Intolerance

Soy is a very common allergy or intolerance in children. Considering that soy is included in many processed foods, it’s important for tour operators to read all food labels before distributing food to those with soy allergies.


Shellfish allergies

Shellfish allergies are not as common as other types of allergies, but this type of allergy is known for its fast and serious reactions. Those who are allergic to shellfish cannot eat products that include prawns, lobster, shrimp and other seafood products in this same family.


Wheat allergies

Wheat allergies are becoming more common, and those who suffer from them should avoid all products made with wheat.


Seafood allergy

Separate from shellfish allergies, those who suffer from a seafood allergy may not be able to eat particular types of fish.


Allergic to certain type of Fruit

Fruit allergies are common among adults. People who are allergic find they are allergic to one particular type of family of fruit, rather than all types of fresh fruits.

One of the best ways to accommodate travelers with food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities is to request that they disclose any dietary issues that they have upon booking. You can enter this data into your online booking system, and manage it on your daily manifest. You can be aware and informed every day of any travelers who have allergies, and prepare products in advance that will be safe, healthy and delicious for them.

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