The Challenges of Selling Multi-Day Tours

9 Jun 2016     |    Taz Bareham

On paper, a multi-day tour sounds like the experience of a lifetime. Travelers can forget the stresses of scheduling their own itineraries, and hop on board a tour bus where they will head to many spectacular destinations in the company of others who are interested in the exploring the world. However, the truth of the matter is, it can be quite difficult for tour operators to sell multi-day tours to their customers.

Intense Research is Required to Plan These Tours

You need to evaluate your destination in order to decide if a multi-day tour is right for travelers who visit your area. For instance, you might be operating a tour company in a place that is considered more of a weekend getaway rather than a place where people head for one week or longer. In that case, a multi-day tour may not be beneficial, because people are not looking to commit that kind of time to an excursion. If travelers have a tendency to stay for 7 or more days at a time, then you can consider offering multi-day tours. Market research is critical before you plan these extensive events.

Additional Logistics Need to be Considered

Not only will you need to come up with unique destinations and exciting activities for the travelers who book your multi-day tours, but you also need to consider the basics: food and lodging. This requires you to partner with hotels, hostels and other lodging facilities in the area where you will tour in order to coordinate sleeping arrangements for your guests. Meals at local restaurants should be planned in advance in order to avoid confusion and frustration after a long day of sightseeing. In addition, you should have snacks and drinks available — tired and hungry travelers cannot enjoy the moment.

Personality Conflicts Must Be Avoided

You will want to market multi-day tours to specific groups of people. For instance, it won’t work well if you put retired couples with college backpackers for three days straight. Instead, create a tour for young, solo travelers who are going to be more interested in the party lifestyle, and offer a separate option that will appeal more to retired couples who enjoy a more traditional approach to traveling. IF you don’t sell one of the variations, consider selling your competitors’ tours for commissions.

Whether you want to plan a multi-day hiking and biking adventure throughout the rugged terrain that’s nearby, or you want to schedule a three-day tour to a wine region located just outside your city, you’ll want to make sure you have the right booking system in place.

You don’t have to avoid multi-day tours when you partner with Rezdy, an online booking system designed specifically for tour and activity providers. Rezdy is a system that understands the needs of tour and activity operators, and it includes features that make it easy to plan multi-day tours. From handling your resource management to helping you coordinate the logistics, Rezdy is the system you need on your side.

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