Booking Software For Suppliers

13 May 2016     |    Taz Bareham

Booking Software for Suppliers

Do you ever look at the websites for big, well-established tour operators and think how professional they look? How slick and easy to use the booking pages are? It seems impossible that you could ever make your website look that good without paying heaps of money for a fancy booking software solution from a web developer.

Except it’s not impossible. In fact, it’s very possible.

Rezdy booking software blends seamlessly with your website and it lets you customise colours, text and fonts so it fits the look and feel you want your website to have. If you don’t have a website, we can host the form for you so you can still accept bookings online. Whether your customers are looking at your website from a computer, tablet or smartphone, they can enjoy a professional and engaging experience on your website.

Since virtually everyone searches for information about activities online, it makes sense that they want a fully integrated, all-in-one experience where they can search and book all in the same place online. So give your customers what they want and let them have that seamless experience. Rezdy booking software comes in-built with internationalization options, including several languages and currency options to make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to book on your website.

professional booking page booking software

Not all online searches for activity information start on a search engine. People are increasingly taking to social media to search for information and share their experiences. If that’s where the people are going to be, why not put yourself there as well? Rezdy integrates effortlessly with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and even lets you accept bookings directly from them. It’s all about making it as easy as possible for people to make that jump from looking and reading to actually booking.

bookings from Facebook booking software

Rezdy booking software also keeps all of your information such as resources and availability up-to-date across all the channels (channel manager page link) you have your products listed on. For example, if you have your activities listed on your own website, as well as Expedia, Viator and Red Balloon, when someone books a place through one of those channels, your availability is automatically changed in real time across all channels to reflect that one place has now been booked and is no longer available.

The fun doesn’t stop there – it continues right through to the checkout page. Rezdy lets you add extras into your booking form so you can crack the secret to effective upselling. Contrary to popular belief, customers are not inherently opposed to being upsold as long as the upselling offers are relevant products offered at the right time.

upselling booking software

The checkout page also gives you the option to set different prices for different customers – child, student and senior discounts could be an option for you. It also lets you set different prices for different days of the week or months of the year if your activities have ‘high’ and ‘low’ times. With Rezdy’s integrated payment gateways, you can also be sure that you will get paid securely, straight away and straight into your bank account.

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