How Booking Software can Help You Maintain Rental Equipment Quality

23 Feb 2017     |    Blake Ng

A traveler who books a tour during their trip is often looking forward to the experience. Whether it’s a city tour that will allow them to see the most famous sites and attractions in one action-packed day, or it’s a kayaking adventure that gives them an opportunity to see whales and dolphins at sea level, they are likely counting down the days and hours until their arrival. This means that tour and activity providers have to be sure that all of their equipment is working properly and running efficiently so their customers are not disappointed. The tour bus needs to be running, the DSLR cameras that you rent have to be working, and the snorkeling gear that enhances the kayaking experience must be in order. If you offer equipment rentals on top of your tours, it adds an extra challenge into the mix for you: the need to maintain rental equipment quality for your customers.

Importance of Routine Maintenance for Rental Equipment

  • Your rental equipment provides you with supplemental income. Rental equipment provides you with an increase in the revenue that you receive per customer, so you will want to have it available at all times.
  • Customers opt to rent equipment from your tour company because it will enhance their experience. Rental equipment helps to improve your brand identity in the travel industry, both in your destination and abroad.
  • When you properly maintain rental equipment, you will be able to increase its lifespan and generate a higher return on your investment. When your equipment is properly maintained, you will not have to replace it as quickly. The more often that one piece of equipment is rented, the higher profits that your company earns.

How You Can Use Your Booking Software to Maintain Rental Equipment?

Your online booking software will provide you with a schedule that allows you to block out specific periods of time for your rental equipment. For example, customers will be able to rent DSLR cameras at any point, but specific pieces of equipment will not be available for rental in order to give you time to maintain them. During the equipment’s break from rental rotation, you can take it to a photography studio in order to have the lenses cleaned, to inspect the battery and to make sure that it is functioning properly.

Of course, your entire schedule of availability — including the availability of your rental equipment — will be shared with your distribution agents in real time. Your agents will be able to trust that you are not overbooking your tours or your products, and they will find your company to be reliable and easy to work with.

Finding the right booking software for your tour and activity company is about more than finding the features you need at a great price. You should look for a booking software package that offers you more than the basic features you need — search for the business solution that includes innovative features that improve the way that you do business. In addition, your online booking system should provide you with the support and resources you need to help you grow. To find out more information about growing your business and building your online brand, download the Rezdy distribution ebook now.

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