Why a blog is a winning strategy for tour operators, activities and attractions

2 Nov 2018     |    Ricki Hudson

A blog strategy for tour operators, activities and attractions is key to your success. Your tour and activity company likely has an SEO strategy in place that uses targeted keywords and PPC advertising campaigns in order to remain visible online. However, one often over-looked aspect of SEO is the fact that there needs to be fresh content on your tour and activity website. The search engine algorithms emphasize the need for accurate, relevant and informative content, and a blog is often the easiest way to keep your website both useful and visible.

Here are a few reasons why a blog is a winning strategy for tour operators:

A Blog Drives Traffic to Your Tour and Activity Website

Essentially, a blog is an extension of your website, and it can help you stay on the top of search engine results pages. Utilizing the same SEO techniques that you use within your web content, you can create optimized blog posts that are easily searchable and scannable. In addition, you can include embedded links within the blog posts that will lead your prospective customers back to your website, where they can learn more about the tours and activities that you have available. Ultimately, a blog will keep your brand visible and accessible to your target audience.

A Blog Can Increase Bookings

In all likelihood, you will publish a variety of blog posts that cover a wide range of topics. Using current events, industry trends and local happenings, you can create content that will be interesting to many different types of travelers. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the purpose of each post should be to drive traffic to your website and increase your direct bookings. Regardless of the intent of the individual post, you should make sure to include a call-to-action at the end. Make sure that you link back to your website or add a “Book Now” button to the post itself. This will encourage prospective travelers to make a quick decision and finalize their reservation, ultimately increasing your overall booking rate.

A Blog Improves Brand Loyalty and Drives Long-Term Results

Publishing fresh content on a regular basis is going to keep your target market segment coming back for more information. Many people follow blogs for the brands that they love the most, and they enjoy the content that is provided on this unique platform. One thing that is often overlooked by tour and activity operators is the fact that these blog posts stay online for months and years. When optimized with powerful target keywords, they will continue to have an impact for a significant period of time. A blog post that was written a year ago may still come up on search results pages for interested travelers and encourage them to book with you.

In addition to being an important component of your SEO strategy, your blog is also a place where you can showcase your brand personality and provide your target audience with fun, unique content that will pique their interest. For more information on other online marketing techniques you can use, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook today.

Image credit: Emma Matthews