Best Practice for Tours and Activities: What to Include in the Product Listing

22 Jan 2017     |    Blake Ng

Finalizing your partnerships with distribution agents requires you to provide them with accurate information about your tours and activities. Developing a product listing that is easy to distribute yet filled with valuable information is an essential part of creating an effective distribution strategy.

Here’s a few elements that you should include on your product listing:

  • MultimediaHigh-resolution photographs and videos will bring your tours to life, not only for potential customers but also for the agents who are going to be promoting your products for you. Visual elements are necessary in today’s digital world in order to sell a traveler on a particular experience.
  • Short Description — A quick yet powerful description of your products will provide agents with the basic information that they need if they are looking to instantly grab the attention of your target audience.
  • Long Description — A longer, more descriptive paragraph should also be included. This allows travelers who are looking for additional information to get the insight they need into the experience that you offer. Include the length of the tour, the stops that will take place along the way, and descriptions of the vehicles that will be used during the tour.
  • Prices — You need to identify the various prices for each individual product, such as prices for adults and prices for children. You may also indicate whether you offer discounts for specific groups of people, such as senior citizens or military members.
  • What to Bring on the Tour — Agents will want to prepare their customers for their upcoming tour experience, so you need to provide information about should be brought on the tour. Water bottles, sunglasses, sunscreen, specialty gear or bad weather gear are examples of items that may be necessary on a tour.
  • What is Supplied by the Tour Company — Make sure that you indicate whether additional items or products are included as part of the tour. If the experience includes food and beverages, you will want to mark that on your product listing. If a specialty item, such as a souvenir, is part of the price, you should note that as well.
  • Cancellation Policy — Be clear about what your cancelation policy is, and always be sure to enforce it consistently.
  • Reviews — Reviews are one of the most powerful resources available to travelers in today’s global market. Providing objective reviews on your product listing gives your agents the ability to quickly and easily convince consumers to book your products.
  • Description of What to Expect — Explain exactly what it is like on the day of the tour. Identify where and when travelers will begin the tour, talk about the vehicles used on the experience, and include a few examples of sights that they might see along the way.
  • Age Restrictions — Clearly state whether your tour is a family-friendly experience, or whether it’s more suitable for adults only. If alcoholic beverages are part of the tour, make sure you identify what the legal drinking age is in your particular destination.


An example of a good product listing

Quadbikeking offers Quad biking rides on sand dunes. They have a very visual website with high-resolution photos as well as an exciting video for each listing. The initial listing is short and punchy and gives interested readers the chance to expand other menus with further information available. This makes sure that the page is not just a wall of text to begin with, but that additional information is easily available for those who want it. They also include all the relevant information about what to bring, what they provide, age restrictions and safety tips.

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