A Guide to Your Tour and Activity Brochures

11 Sep 2015     |    Taz Bareham

It may seem antiquated — a piece of paper that highlights all of the most important information about your tour and activity company.

But even in a world that revolves around instant online business and constant social connectivity, the brochure is still a pivotal part of your tour and activity company’s marketing plan.

A brochure provides your potential customer with the most relevant information about your products, and it also incorporates visual elements that can excite them about the experiences you have available.

Here are some essential tour operator tips on creating and distributing your brochures properly.

Creating Brochures that Work

Don’t rush.

You will want to plan for this marketing material, because it will be used for a longer period of time than some of your other promotional products.

Try to include all relevant information that will stay consistent in the months and years ahead.

If you don’t anticipate your pricing changing, then you can include prices. If you want to create a special brochure offer, be sure that you calculate an offer that will be enticing for your customers yet beneficial to your profit margin.

You won’t want to regret the deal that you make later on.

Tell them how to book.

Your brochures should also include a set of instructions for booking. Direct them to your website and instruct them on how to reserve their tour immediately.


Once your brochure has been designed, check it over to make sure it’s perfect. Once you think it is good to go, check it again.

You don’t want to have any typographical errors, misspellings, misquoted prices or inaccurate descriptions on your brochure.

This marketing product is a hard copy, and it needs to look professional in order for your customers to trust your brand.

Getting Your Brochure in the Hands of Your Customers

Your desk.

One of the most important brochure distribution channels is your own point of sale. This allows travelers who are currently on vacation to get more information about the tours and activities that you offer.

Sales kits.

Include your brochure in your sales kits that you give to retail travel agents, and make sure you have a digital copy available for OTAs.

Your brochure will convince the travel agent to book your products for their customers. It needs to be professional and appealing, and show how your company stands out from the other tour and activity providers in your area.

Local businesses.

Place brochures at the hotels, motels and hostels nearby your business location.

Travelers who are staying in these accommodations will be looking for things to do in the area, and having your brochure readily available at these locations will help drive more direct bookings.

Your brochure is an important part of your online marketing campaign, as a digital copy can be used and distributed to OTAs, social networking contacts and daily deal sites.

In order to learn how to effectively incorporate your brochure into your online marketing campaign and to make the most of your online presence, read our online marketing ebook today.

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