A Guide to Google+ Local for Tour Operators

18 Aug 2015     |    Taz Bareham

Google+ Local is a free online platform that is provided to businesses by Google, and it is essential to a tour and activity provider’s ultimate success.

Why? Google+ Local allows people to quickly find the most important information about a business that they might be interested in.

Here’s how you can use your Google+ Local page to engage with prospects and customers.

What is Google+ Local?

Google+ Local is designed to generate the most relevant results for searchers, as well as help boost business for local companies.

A traveler searching for “London city tours” on Google will quickly get results for city bus tours, double decker bus tours, walking tours and other businesses that are available in the region.


It is designed to help people who are planning their trip ahead of time, but it also is beneficial for people who are currently traveling and want to find tours and activities to do in the region.

They might be driving along the road, and quickly search for kayak opportunities in the area. That’s when a tour and activity providers Google+ Local page is most important.

A Google+ Local page includes the phone number and address of the business, a map of where the business is located, and reviews from customers who have frequented the business.

Setting up Your Google+ Local Page

Setting up your Google+ Local page is quite simple.

First, you need to have a Google+ account.

Once you have created this account, you should sign into Google+ and then select “Create a New Page.”

One of the options is a local business page. Choose this option, input your business information, and click confirm.

Then, you can add photos to your page and begin interacting with your followers.

Tips for Managing Your Google+ Local Page

The best thing you can do for your Google+ Local page is remain active.

  • You should monitor your page and log into your account to check your notifications on a regular basis.
  • If a customer reaches out to you, respond as quickly as possible.
  • Thank people who share your posts with their own circles.
  • Interact with followers who share information with you.
  • Respond to any and all negative feedback that you receive, as this is a direct reflection of your customer service skills.

Stay active in the Google+ community, and let your customers know that you care about their questions, concerns and opinions.

Examples of Great Google+ Local Pages

The Sydney Pub Tours Google+ Local page is an example of a great Google+ Local page.

This page has the company’s brand logo on it, and its main photograph features travelers enjoying a pint at a local brewery. It offers a glimpse of the fun and excitement you can expect while participating in one of their tours.

Loksha Tours is another tour and activity provider with an engaging Google+ Local page. They post regular updates to their page, and they often add photographs, videos and other multimedia to their posts to keep their followers interacting with their brand.

Online marketing requires you to have an active presence on all of the best social media platforms, including Google+.

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