A Rental product is a product by which customers can book over a reoccurring time period, i.e. days, hours or minutes.

Use the Rental product type when for equipment or vehicle hire with pricing per duration (day, hour, minute)

  • A bike hire
  • kayak hire
  • car rentals
  • Ski shoe hire

rental rezdy product

Click here to create a rental by day and click here to create a rental by hour/minute.

6. Ticket product

A Ticket product type should be used for attractions such as:

  • Zoo or Aquarium
  • Art Galleries
  • Museums
  • Chocolate Factory

ticket rezdy product

7. Transfer, Shuttle, or Flight product

A Transfer, Shuttle or Flight product type is used when you want to sell a ticket to take a customer from one place to another with return options, such as:

  • A boat transfer,
  • Airport shuttle, or
  • Flights

shuttle rezdy product

Click here for full instructions on creating a Rezdy product for Transfers, Shuttles, or Flights.

8. Lesson product

Lesson is a Product type for one-time classes or lessons; for example:

  • A surf lesson
  • A cooking class

lesson rezdy product

Click here to learn how to create a Rezdy product for Lessons.

9. Event product

An Event product can be used for any generic event, such as:

  • Sports game.
  • A festival.
  • A concert.

event rezdy product

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