7 factors customers look at before booking tours and activities

13 May 2019     |    Ricki Hudson

The online booking journey for a traveler will vary based on their own personal needs and interests. The vast majority of tourists consider the same factors before they book a tour or activity for their upcoming vacation. The customer buying decision is heavily influenced by these seven factors:

1. Your Tour and Activity Website Quality

Your website is your greatest business asset, and it’s important that you use this resource to promote your tour and activity company in the best way possible. Prospective travelers are going to look at your content, your images and your multimedia features to learn more about your experiences and make a decision about their upcoming trip.

2. Your reviews

Travelers trust online reviews, and this feedback heavily influences their final decision. Make sure that you solicit feedback from your past customers, and make it easy for future customers to view your online reviews. You should develop a presence on TripAdvisor and other social platforms to generate and display reviews.

3. The difference between you and a competitor

Tourists likely will compare your company with any other tour operator that provides a similar experience. It’s important that you know what makes you different from the competition, and that you actively promote your unique offerings or amenities.

4. Recent, accurate information

Your website and all of your social pages need to be kept up to date with the most recent information about your business. If you haven’t updated your tour descriptions in two years, a prospective traveler is going to be unsure of what you are currently offering and they may move on to the next, more reliable company.

5. Data

Today’s travelers are a tech-savvy bunch, and they do a lot of research on their own before they make a final decision. Many travelers are looking for accurate data and statistics about the experiences that you provide. Use data in your content and display statistics in prominent places to encourage people to trust your company and book with you directly.

6. Your social media presence

Social media is a powerful force, and it can be a wonderful way to connect with travelers at every point in their online booking journey. When you develop a presence on prominent social media platforms, including international platforms and local networks, you can engage your audience and motivate them to book with you.

7. The customer experience

You need to prove that you offer the best customer experience possible. When it comes to the customer buying decision, this is the most motivating factor. Use photographs, tour descriptions, reviews and video testimonials to prove that you give your customers the best.

Knowing your market and understanding the travelers who are most motivated to book with you will help you create an online experience the leads an individual to book directly with you as soon as possible. It’s important that you also have a booking system in place that makes it easy to finalize a reservation. Learn more about how Rezdy can help assist the customer buying decision at your company.

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Image credit: Court Prather