5 Reasons You Need to Get Into Accessible Tourism

6 Aug 2019     |    Blake Ng

It wasn’t that long ago that the world of travel was unreachable for those with significant disabilities. Today, however, more companies and organizations are looking to delve into the realm of accessible tourism. Accessible tourism includes products and services that make it comfortable and enjoyable for people of all abilities to enjoy your experiences.

Here are five reasons why you need to get into accessible tourism now:

Individuals with disabilities enjoy traveling just as much as anyone else

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Those with disabilities — ranging from physical disabilities to mental health disorders — still have a desire to travel the world and experience new places just as much as anyone else. However, they are often limited by what is available to them. There’s a large market share to be captured here — more than half of disabled individuals took about 170 million day trips in a one-year period. By promoting yourself as an accessible tourism provider, those travelers will be likely to utilize your tour company.

Individuals with disabilities are willing to spend money to travel

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Travelers with disabilities in Australia recently spent $3.2 billion on travel. This target market segment is willing to spend money in order to experience the world around them, and they are more likely to work with a business who welcomes them in ways that others may not.

The accessible tourism industry is expected to grow significantly

In Australia, accessible tourism represents about 11% of the total market share. However, that market share is expected to grow to about 25% in 2025. With more companies recognizing the unique needs of travelers with disabilities, it’s anticipated that there will be more opportunities for accessible travel and therefore higher numbers of travelers with disabilities.

People are beginning to expect accessible travel rather than search for opportunities

Previously, accessible travel was somewhat of an anomaly. However, in today’s socially-conscious world, accessible travel is an expectation rather than a surprising option. If your tour company does not offer accessible products, then you will quickly be passed over for another company that does accommodate these travelers.

There are many opportunities to specialize within the accessible tourism industry

Within the accessible tourism industry, you can specialize in a variety of niche sectors, including:

  • Mobility Accessibility — Offering unique resources that allow people of all mobility levels to experience your tours and activities.
  • Sensory-Friendly Travel — Creating experiences that accommodate those who require sensory-friendly options.
  • Vision and Hearing Accessibility — Making sure that people who cannot hear or see as well have the resources they need to enjoy your tours.

In a world that is becoming more inclusive and equal by the minute, it’s important that you seek to incorporate accessible tourism products into your tour and activity company. From offering sensory-friendly experiences for those with autism to making accommodations for those with a carer or guide dog, you can help make travelers feel more welcome in your destination by offering accessible options.

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