3 Types of Marketing Videos Tour Operators Need

7 Jul 2015     |    Taz Bareham

Videos are an essential component to any online marketing plan, and they will help you increase your online presence and become more engaged with your target audience. In fact, 62 percent of travelers want to watch videos of tours and activities prior to booking their own excursion.

On your tour and activity company website, you likely have a description of the tours you have available. You describe the things your clients will see and do along the way, and you try to encourage them to book with you. But you can do so much more with your online marketing.

Here are several types of marketing videos that every tour operator needs on their website.


After a customer has completed their tour or activity with your company, ask them to sit down with you and describe their experience on video.

It is best to do this immediately following the actual tour, as the participant will be excited and ready to share their experience with others.

You will be able to capture their genuine emotions and reactions, which will make for a more compelling video.

These online marketing videos will be used as a resource by future customers, who will find them to be more reliable than written reviews that might be found on other tour and activity websites.

The Experience Itself

One of the most powerful types of online marketing videos is the experiential video. Send one of your tour operators out on an actual tour and ask them to take video along the way. Post timely videos that are relevant to the current season and available tours.

This allows you to literally show your customers what they will be able to see and experience while they are on tour with you.

Providing your customers with a glimpse of what they might experience on their own tour will motivate them to book with you.

Experience videos also will increase anticipation and will help get your customers excited about their upcoming trip.

You might want to consider posting your experience videos on social media, as video content is twice as engaging as content without any image or video.

Per Product Videos

You should create videos to post online for each tour and activity that you offer.

These videos could provide your customers with a few shots of what they will experience on the tour, as well as provide them with information about the activity from the provider.

For example, a tour guide could explain how the tour works and what customers will enjoy along the way.

You could showcase the resources you have, and also explain how easy it is to book your tours and activities online. These informative videos will provide your clients with the assurance they need prior to booking.

Videos are a useful tool when it comes to promoting your business and increasing your online bookings.

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