3 Reasons to Leverage the Internet for Your Tour or Activity Business

10 May 2012     |    Taz Bareham

The internet has changed the landscape of, well, just about everything. Like all new technologies, its creation was driven by the desire to remove outdated and time-consuming manual processes. It’s human nature to constantly try to get machines to do the heavy lifting, automating anything we can get them to do.

Why? Because people aren’t as reliable as robust technology. We forget to carry the 1, we can’t recall customer names and what they last did with us, we lose paperwork – and it’s no different for the tour and activity sector.

Here are the top 3 benefits of the internet for your business:

#1 More people know you exist

The internet means greater visibility for your business. By going online, you up your chances of getting found by people searching for your service. In fact, these days, if you’re not on Google, most people won’t know that you exist! That’s why everyone is clambering to climb the search results by using search engine optimisation (SEO) tactics.

For example, a search for “diving Cairns” pulls up a heap of options, but to rank near the top your site needs to have a bunch of matching or related keywords:


Notice that the top results repetitively use the keywords searched. The words they use on their site must closely match as well. Google determines rank based on a bunch of other vague factors, but keywords are definitely a big one.

Besides Google, Tripadvisor is another important resource for tour and activity operators, because people want objective social proof in the form of online reviews. We recently wrote about how you should list your business on Tripadvisor, as well as how to improve your current Tripadvisor listing.

#2 It’s easier to get your message across

Another benefit of internet technology is that it’s easier to communicate with potential and current customers. Location is not an issue anymore, and neither is time. Web-based software also makes it possible to have all your customer data in one place, so you have a better idea of who you’re talking to and what to say to them.

Instead of painfully trying to explain what to expect over the phone, you can direct people to your website where they can see videos and photos of the experience itself, like Byron Bay Dive Centre did here:


We strongly recommend dedicating an entire section of your website to this, for all the reasons we listed in our previous post on imagery.

#3 You get paid faster

The emergence of online payment gateways means that you can get paid faster, and without much hassle. Also, it’s usually hooked up to an online booking system which eradicates the need to cross and double-check your financials.

Think about it: instead of being inundated with back-and-forth communications, you wake up to find bookings that have been paid for, from halfway around the world, overnight. Customers love this functionality – they have the ease of browsing, booking and paying in a few clicks, without any salespeople pressuring them to buy.

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In what other ways can you harness the internet to grow your tour or activity business? Let us know in the comments section below.