3 Quick Tips on How to Minimise No-Shows for Your Tours

27 Oct 2014     |    Taz Bareham

No-shows are a big pain – especially if you run tours or activities that are heavily affected by weather conditions.

Not only do you get less revenue than you expected, but you may have rostered on more instructors, drivers, or guides than necessary, resulting in additional revenue loss and time spent trying to rectify the situation.

Tips to minimize no-shows:

1. Implement your cancellation policy

This is an obvious one – set terms and conditions around bad weather no-shows. Create a cancellation policy and enforce it! If there’s a penalty for cancellation, they will probably show up.

For example, you can allow them to cancel or change their booking up until a certain time period before the day of the tour. Any changes or cancellations after that (including no-shows) are subject to a cancellation fee. If it’s a day before the booking, they forfeit the entire value of the booking.

Of course it’s not enough to create the policy – you need to keep reminding them to actively enforce it. Using Rezdy’s Direct SMS and Advanced Emails apps, you can automate this process. Each reminder email will re-state your terms and conditions for the tour.

In terms of enforcing no-shows, if you’re not using Rezdy Vault, you have to then figure out how to enforce your cancellation fee (usually a messy credit card chargeback).

2. Touch base on the day of the tour

You will probably have asked customers to arrive X minutes before the tour starts. Here’s what you can do to minimise no shows on the day.

  • Back at home base, have someone call up all the people that have not checked in by the arrival time. Thanks to Rezdy it will be updated in real time.

minimise no-shows on the day

The date and time of check-in will be recorded in the customer’s Order.

automated SMS no-shows

It would be helpful to start tracking your average no-show rate per product so you can see which ones need the most improvement.

Run a report and see who didn’t turn up. In your Sales Report – Products you can filter by customers who checked in.

Calculate your no-shows rate


Click here to learn how to filter by check-ins.

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