3 Key Benefits of Group Booking Technology for Your Tours

15 Oct 2014     |    Taz Bareham

Rezdy has recently added a new plugin focused on group bookings called – Make it Social. The MD, Eddie Robb of Make it Social would like to introduce himself and the technology to you.


make it social


We are massively excited to be the newest addition to the Rezdy plugin family. There are so many great companies using Rezdy and we’re sure we’re going to be able to add loads of extra group bookings.

Now that the integration is complete, our technology simply sits as a ‘Group Booking’ button on your website and allows your customers to effortlessly book your tours directly, with their friends.

Our team would be more than happy to take you through a demo of all the features so please don’t hesitate to get in touch today via info@makeitsocial.com.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to quickly tell you three direct benefits of our technology… here we go:

1. More groups

By telling your customers how easy it is to make a group booking, those guys who previously thought “ahhh, i’ll just go with Jonny because I don’t want the hassle of organizing this…” (or worse, “I won’t do it at all because I can’t be bothered”) will invite a couple more friends and turn it into a group.

89% of people have been part of groups that never happened because it was just too hard… now it doesn’t need to be. You can capture a chunk of that massive missed opportunity.

2. Larger groups

By making it easy for friends to invite each other directly, you’ll see your average group size increase. Research shows that a peer introduction is a great deal more powerful than any other form of advertising.

In fact, Forrester research showed that people trusted a peer invite at a rate of 72% (vs a social post from a company at only 10%). Harnessing peer to peer invites means a greater chance of bookings. Also, our tool ‘Group Money BackTM’ means you can effortlessly encourage your groups to keep growing.

3. More customer data

With every individual customer making their own payment, you will painlessly capture each individual’s data. Great for making your lives easier when dealing with groups but also great for re-marketing in the future.

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