3 Interesting Travelers Segments You Could Target Today

22 Feb 2016     |    Taz Bareham

As a tour and activity company, your goal is to get travelers to book your tours and purchase your products. But travelers are a broad group to target. There’s young and energized travelers, who are looking to go exploring on their solo adventures. There are families who want to make memories with their children that they will cherish for a lifetime. There’s retirees who are enjoying their golden years to the fullest, checking off their favorite destinations from their bucket lists. Targeting specific niche groups will help you reach out to every type of traveler imaginable. Here’s a few of the traveler segments that are trending right now:

Luxury Travelers

Travelers today are looking to get more out of their time away, so they are no longer looking into budget vacation options. If they are going to invest their time and resources into a getaway, they want it to be lavish and luxurious and exotic. Appeal to luxury travelers by offering high-end products, such as tours that allow your guests to travel on limousines or whale watching boat rides that include delicious chocolates and premier champagne. These travelers are willing to pay more in order to enjoy the best experience possible, so take advantage of this rising trend.

Adventure Seekers

There’s a select group of travelers that are more interested in the experiences that they enjoy while they are abroad, rather than the sights that they will see. Instead of looking at ancient ruins all day long, they would rather be faced with the thrill of a lifetime. Create tours and activities that offer an extra ounce of excitement, such as kayaking while looking out for whales and sharks, or zip-lining through the nearby rainforest. These travelers live life to the fullest, so give them the chance to make memories with your tour and activity company.

Special Interest Groups

More and more people are booking tours that appeal to their own unique interests and hobbies. Photographers want to go on a vacation that allows them to take beautiful photographs with other shutterbugs. Religious organizations enjoy booking tours that allow them to see magnificent cathedrals and holy sights. If you can customize your tours and activities to appeal to special interest groups, you will be able to attract these unique customers. A winery tour that stops at several beautiful landscapes that are perfect for photographs might appeal to the photography travelers. A city tour that makes stops at the most beautiful cathedrals in the city would be perfect for any religious group that is traveling together.

With an online booking system, you can make it easy for every type of traveler to reserve your tours and activities. Rezdy is an online booking system that was created specifically for tour and activity providers. It not only helps you automate the booking process, it also includes a marketplace that allows you to connect with agents who will resell your products to these niche groups. To find out more information about all of the ways Rezdy can benefit your business, begin your free trial today.

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