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Rezdy webinar

Three Features to Help Reduce Admin Time & Improve Operations

Hello again from the Customer Success team!
We are delighted to share with you an exclusive webinar: 3 Features in Rezdy to reduce admin time and improve operations. These are 3 features that you may not know about:

Mass Actions

  • Super important for weather dependent activity operators.
  • Cancel orders, send email confirmations, and Refund all payments for one or more days within seconds.
  • Confirm all pending orders and send customised email confirmations for one or more days

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Bulk Update

  • Quickly block out availability for all products for the entire day.
  • Update availability for one product for 7 days at a time.

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Managing Availability for Optional Extras & Upsells

  • Useful for any limiting stock of optional extras & equipment
  • Sold out Extras, yet product can still be booked

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