3 Examples of Great Tour Operator Yelp Pages

7 Aug 2015     |    Taz Bareham

Yelp is a premier source of local reviews, and it has become a trusted community in the world of social media. What’s even better is that they are offering instant booking for tours and activities.

As a tour and activity provider, you should strive to create a positive Yelp page that offers valuable insight and information for your past, present and future customers.

With about 135 million unique monthly visitors in 2014, Yelp is where your customers are going to go to find out real, honest information about your company, and the reviews that they read there will influence their decision to book with your company.

Here are three great tour operator Yelp pages that you should check out:

Malibu Wine Safaris

The Malibu Wine Safaris Yelp page is interactive and engaging, with over 100 reviews and an average 4-and-half-star ranking.


This Yelp page includes many recent posts by people who booked their wine and safari tours in the last several weeks and months. This is essential to any great Yelp page, because your future customers will find recent reviews to be the most trustworthy and reliable.

In addition to the reviews, this Yelp page is filled with more than 220 photos of travelers enjoying themselves and smiling while taking a wine and safari tour. These visuals grab the reader’s attention and make them compelled to learn more about what this company offers.

Walk SF Tours

Walk SF Tours has the ideal ranking that any tour and activity company would want on their Yelp page — a five-star review.



There are more than 10 reviews on this page, and all of them rave about the company and the tours that it offers.

In addition to providing Walk SF Tours with positive reviews, the actual posts are detailed and descriptive.

Today’s travelers find earned recognition to be more reliable than traditional advertising campaigns, so detailed reviews such as these can help boost your business perception and ultimately increase your bookings.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Vegas Indoor Skydiving has a Yelp page that has it all — positive reviews, interesting photographs and fantastic keywords that appear in many of the posts.



This page has just more than 100 reviews, and its average customer ranks it with four-and-a-half stars. Yelp users are immediately drawn into the photographs, which show tourists enjoying the seemingly impossible activity of skydiving while indoors.

Given the fact that several customers used keywords in their reviews such as wind tunnel, flight and air, quotes were pulled out from the reviews and displayed on the page.

This can help improve the customer’s perception of the company, as it can allude to the fact that Vegas Indoor Skydiving consistently provides its customers with an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Because Yelp can be accessed on a traditional desktop device and also on any mobile device, it’s important that you encourage your customers to provide you with reviews, post photos and help you create an engaging Yelp page.

Improving your Yelp page is just one way to increase your presence on social media.

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