10 Mobile Statistics Tour Operators Need to Know [Slides]

19 Nov 2013     |    Taz Bareham

Here we pull together some of the most compelling mobile statistics and insights from experts in the travel industry. Tour operators, take note.

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Travel-related mobile queries so far during 2013 are up some 66% year-on-year (Source) Tweet this stat!

31% of smartphone users claim they research travel on their mobile devices (SourceTweet this stat!

14% of smartphone users are securing a booking or quotes on their mobile devices (SourceTweet this stat!

49% of those using mobiles to get prices for travel products do so on aggregators (SourceTweet this stat!

Those who book from mobile devices have 5.1 research sessions & visit 3.3 websites (SourceTweet this stat!

Tablets for travel arrangements are increasing – 21% for business & 9% for leisure travelers (Source) Tweet this stat!

20% of Australian households now have at least 1 tablet (SourceTweet this stat!

Up to a week before travel, 5.3% of travelers would make a last-minute booking on a tablet, 43.8% on mobile (Source) Tweet this stat!

94% of TripAdvisor customers are using mobile to research local things to do Tweet this stat!

59% of Asian leisure travelers want to book travel products “whenever they can” and “wherever they can” (Source) Tweet this stat!

23% of leisure and 26% of business travelers use their mobile browser to book vacation activities (Source) Tweet this stat!


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