The 1 Page That is Missing on Almost All Tour Operators’ Websites

20 Oct 2016     |    Blake Ng

The majority of tour operators have great websites. These sites feature responsive web designs and are filled with vital information about their tour and activity products. They feature easy online booking forms in prominent locations, and there are high-resolution photographs scattered throughout the various pages on the site. From the About Us page to the Contact Us page, these websites seemingly leave visitors without any unanswered questions. However, after a bit of research, we noticed that most tour operators were missing one pivotal page from their websites: a For Agents page.

The For Agents page should provide agents with the valuable information that they need to book your tours for their own customers. Once implemented, this page will surely help increase your overall bookings. You’ll be left wondering why you didn’t think of adding it to your website sooner!

Here’s what you need to include on the For Agents page:

  • Audience Information — Identify the type of people who typically participate on your tours and activities, including their age range, skills and special interests. This allows agents to promote your tours to the right customers.
  • Price Range — Give information about the prices of your tours, and any extra costs that might be incurred while on the tours. Agents will know whether they need to target your tours to their young, single travelers on a budget or their older, luxury travelers based on your price range.
  • What You Expect from Agents — Make it clear what your agents need to do in order to promote your tours and book their customers on them. If you expect them to utilize your online booking system, make sure they know that ahead of time.
  • Typical Agents That You Partner With — Note the type of agents that you work with currently, and the ones you wish to form relationships with in the future. This might include retail travel agents, online travel agencies, hotel concierges and representatives from visitor information centres.
  • Information on Connecting with Your Company — Give clear instructions on how agents can connect with your tour company. Add in links to your social media pages, and mention your booking software.
  • Information on How You Manage Bookings — Provide information about your booking system, whether it involves manual bookings over the phone or booking online in real-time over an innovative channel manager. Agents will want to know how convenient it is for them to book your products for their customers who are searching for activities in the area.

Note: You should never include commission rates on the For Agents page. Instead, provide an e-mail form that allows agents to inquire about commission rates and ask you for more information. This increases your negotiating power as you network with more agents throughout the industry.

If you’re not happy with your website right now, don’t wait another minute to get started on an update. Download the Website Checklist now in order to see what other elements you can incorporate onto your page.

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