API Changelog

Latest updates to Rezdy API

To be introduced soon:

Mandatory booking fields will be enforced in a booking request. Bookings with missing required booking fields (requiredPerParticipant and requiredPerBooking) will no longer be accepted. This change will take effect from 1. June 2017.

Product create using API.

  • create a product: POST /products
  • delete a product: DELETE /products/{productCode}
  • add a product image: POST /products/{productCode}/images
  • delete a product image: DELETE /products/{productCode}/images/{imageId}

More details in this article.

Product booking fields, information about visible – optional fields: “visiblePerParticipant”: true|false, “visiblePerBooking”: true|false


  • Search products by languages


  • Supplier’s promocodes and vouchers redemption supported in a booking request and quote calculation


  • Added new field commissionIncludesExtras to Product – Flag if agent receive commission from extras, or not


  • Support for agent payments for automated payments agents bookings – all payments in the booking request, will reduce the agent commission.
  • Support for agent price override for automated payments agents bookings – if the item amount is specified, the agent commission is adjusted by the difference between the catalog and agent price.


  • Added product additionalInformation to Product data model – Additional information for the product, that should be sent after a booking is completed (i.e. by email) to the customer. Useful for integration, when manual control of the entire customer booking experience is wanted, and the automatic confirmation e-mail from Rezdy had been suppressed.


  • Automated payments agents bookings, now show Commission without Rezdy Fee in the response.


  • sendNotifications field is now supported in DELETE /bookings/{orderNumber} too
  • added new search parameter updatedSince to GET /bookings – Only load bookings updated after this time


  • Added new fields to show links between Vouchers and Orders.
    • GET /bookings shows the voucher numbers + statuses, that were generated when the order was created and created gift card.
    • GET /vouchers shows the “source” order of the voucher.


  • Removed the “3 months max range” rule when requesting availability.
  • Default pagination limit increased to 100 instead of 30 in all search services using pagination


  • Pickups support:
    • Added new service method GET /products/{productCode}/pickups to list pickup locations.
    • Added pickupLocation to BookingItem data model, to specify the pickup location name when creating a booking and display pickup address, time and instructions in the booking response.
  • Added product locationAddress to Product data model.


  • Added new fields value and valueType to Voucher data model.


  • TRANSFER product types without return can be booked through the Public API


  • Added new Company endpoint with service:
    • GET /companies/{companyAlias} – Retrieve Company details by it’s alias
  • Added minimumNoticeMinutes field to Product data model – Minimum book ahead interval for the product in minutes.


  • Added new Resources endpoint with services:
    • GET /resources – Retrieve all supplier resources.
    • GET /resources/session –  Retrieve resources assigned to the session.
    • GET /resources/{resourceId}/sessions – Retrieves all sessions for a specified resource within the start/end datetime range.
    • PUT /resources/{resourceId}/session/{sessionId} –  Add a  resource to a session.
    • DELETE /resources/{resourceId}/session/{sessionId} – Removes a resource from a session.
  • New service methods in Manifest endpoint:
    • PUT /manifest/checkinSession – Store Check-in / No show flag for everyone in a specified session.
    • PUT /manifest/checkinOrderSession – Place Check-in a / No show flag for the specified order item.
    • DELETE /manifest/checkinSession – Remove Check-in / No show flag from everyone in the whole session.
    • DELETE /manifest/checkinOrderSession – Remove Check-in / No show flag for the specified order item.
  • Added duration fields to Product data model
  • Support of orderStatus field in supplier’s Booking request


  • Added localized date/time fields: startTimeLocal and endTimeLocal can be used to search and display availability in the supplier’s timezone.
  • Added new fields to Product data model: dateCreated and dateUpdated. Also added updatedSince attribute to GET /products/marketplace endpoint
  • Added new fields to Product data model when calling GET /products/marketplace as an agent: cancellationPolicyDays. This is only used for Automated Payments (agentPaymentType = PAYOUTS)
  • Added search by supplierAlias to GET /products/marketplace endpoint
  • Added automatic refund when cancelling an Automated payments booking


  • Added support for DATE_ENQUIRY and NO_DATE booking modes for /availability and /bookings calls. When calling /availability for these products, one session per day will always be returned.
  • Added new fields to Product data model:  confirmModeMinParticipants
  • Added new fields to Product data model when calling GET /products/marketplace as an agent: agentPaymentType, maxCommissionPercent, maxCommissionNetRate

2015-07-27 – Marketplace release

  • The API service /products/partners has been deprecated and replaced by a new service /products/marketplace with many more filters.
  • Some constants were renamed, especially Order source PARTNERS to MARKETPLACE_PREF_RATE, and COMMUNITY to MARKETPLACE.


  • Added support for multiple product codes to the GET /availability endpoint. Use “&productCode=P11111&productCode=P22222&productCode=P33333” to request availability for multiple products in the same request


  • Added images to Extras


  • New endpoint to validate a booking and calculate totals before it’s created: POST /bookings/quote
  • Added support for Credit Card payments to the POST /bookings endpoint
  • Fixed incorrect min/max quantities for DOUBLE, TRIPLE and QUAD price options


  • Fix an issue with FREE_SALE products. They now always return 999 seats and seats available
  • Fix offset and limit not working for the GET /categories/{id}/products endpoint
  • Added support for Product codes in Rezdy-hosted booking forms. The following URLs now load the same page:
    • https://rezdydemo.rezdy.com/35867/demo-sydney-bike-tour
    • https://rezdydemo.rezdy.com/view/PVO39Z


  • Fix an issue with mandatory fields required “once per booking”.


  • Added currency attribute to products


  • Fix group price options. Use correct label and show min/max participant values for each group price.


  • New Category endpoint to load categories and products within categories. 3 new services are available:
    • GET /categories
    • GET /categories/{categoryId}
    • GET /categories/{categoryId}/products


  • Added new attributes to filter the GET /bookings results. You can now filter by product, booked date, and only load new bookings created since a set date.


  • Added validation and fixed issues with product Extras when making a new booking


  • Order source has been deprecated for new booking requests. Bookings created by API will now always have source=API. Availability will always be checked for API bookings and minimum bookahead rules will always be enforced. Mandatory fields will not be enforced for supplier bookings.
  • You can now use Booking.sendNotifications (true/false, default true) to control if automated notifications should be sent to the customer or not when making a new booking through the API.
  • New Availability endpoints for suppliers: Create/Delete/Update availability
  • Added pagination to calls that return multiple items. Defaults to 30 results, max 100 per request


  • Added timezone to Product resource (Product.timezone)
  • Added supplier general terms and conditions to Product resource (Product.generalTerms)
  • New Booking endpoint: DELETE /bookings/{orderNumber} will cancel a booking
  • Updated documentation


  • Added supplierId attribute to /products/partners to filter products by supplier
  • Simplify price option and quantity mapping when making bookings
  • Added confirmation mode to Product resource (Product.confirmMode)