Our Mission & Values

Our Mission:

Our mission is to empower professionals in tours and activities to network, trade and thrive. We do this by building a world class B2B cloud booking platform and connecting businesses through our distribution marketplace.


Our Values:

Our values are the principles that guide us in our day to day decisions and it’s a defining component of Rezdy’s culture. Our values guide how we operate, interact and make decisions.


Empower the customer to live their dream

Rezdy Values - Empower

Everything we do is for and about our customers. We’re here to make their lives easier so they can live their passion. We provide them with superpowers so they can become superheroes. This is our why and this is why we exist.


Be the solution

Rezdy Values - Solution

We are a team of self-starting, answer-seeking doers. We proactively listen to our customers and each other, put our thinking caps on and use our resources and expertise to come up with the answer before we’re even asked the question.


Iterate constantly

Rezdy Values - Iterate

It’s the constant refinement that leads us to clarity and brilliance. Our philosophy is simple: release often, iterate fast. We see every iteration as an opportunity to better ourselves and finetune our product.


Let data drive decisions

Rezdy Values - Data

We have an ongoing love affair with digits, charts and metrics. This helps us evaluate accurately and rule confidently in favour of our customers. If there’s a metric behind it, we’ll use it.


Be the Guru

Rezdy Values - Guru

A true guru is a humble leader and a trusted educator. We believe wisdom grows when it’s shared, so we inspire with confidence and learn from each other every day.


Champion different ways of thinking

Rezdy Values - Different

Our teams are as diverse as they come. Our unique and collective talents and creativity help shape us. Come as you are so with joined forces we can think better, act faster and deliver smarter.


Nurture passions and play

Rezdy Values - Nurture

Our industry thrives on fun and excitement and we’re no exception. We’re an environment where you can do your most fulfilling work, whilst still being able to stop and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze from a whale watching tour or the smell of a cake baking from a cooking class.